We usually can do below test:1.Water repellent test (WR): Splash a little water on fabric and see if the water ball can roll or the fabric surface is wet.2. Waterproof test (WP): How much heavy rain will go through fabric and make inside wet. There are two ways to test by machine: before washing and    after washing.3. Moisture proofness test (MP): it means how fast the body sweat can go out through fabric.4. Air permeability: How much air can go into body through fabric.

According to fabric function, We usually have:1. PVC or PU coating fabric.2. PU or TPU or PTFE film.3. 3 layers: fabric + film + Tricot.

Appro 45-90 days after confirmed sample.

Normally 1000pcs each style based on 2 colors.