Why do you need wear a motorcycle clothing when riding?

Many riders refuse to wear motorcycle clothing because it makes them feel unnecessary, inconvenient and inappropriate. But this is actually irresponsible for their own safety. Unlike cars with safety belts, airbags and other protective measures, motorcycles not and without any proactive equipment. Therefore, when riding, riders can only rely on their own equipment to protect themselves. It is not enough to rely on helmets alone.

Motorcycle clothing is a kind of sportswear for motorcycle riding with the main purpose of windproof and protection. And in the actual riding journey, motorcycle clothing also has many functions. 

The following are four main functions of motorcycle clothing for your reference:

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1. Protection Against Injuries

In case of a car crash, ordinary outdoor clothing can't protect the human body at all. They will wear out in an instant, resulting in injury to the human body, while motorcycle clothing won't. The high tear-strength fabric of clothing can play a good protective role, especially the protectors placed in specific positions (like elbow, shoulder and back), which can protect the rider from the risk of injury.

The most typical is that although the rider falls down at high speed, he will not be seriously injured, which fully reflects the protective function of the motorcycle clothing.

2. Windproof and Rainproof

Even when it is light wind and light rain, when the rider rides at a higher speed, the wind and rain hit him very painful. At this time, the fastness of motorcycle clothing is very important. A jacket with good fastness can help you weaken foreign blows to a great extent. Of course, the rainproof effect of motorcycle clothing is also very good. Many riders use outdoor waterproof jackets as their riding clothing, but on high-speed riding, they get wet faster than usual.

3. Breathable and Warmth

The fabrics of motorcycle clothing are mostly special abrasion and breathable fabrics, which can send the sweat on the body surface to the out of clothing, and evaporate quickly while riding, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient perspiration and dry. In order to realize this way of perspiration, common fast drying clothing cannot replace at all. Mesh riding clothing in summer are breathable, which can achieve the effect of rapid perspiration; Full seasons motorcycle clothing generally has inner liner, which can not only keep warm, but also remove the inner liner for summer riding.

4. Fashionable

At present, more and more people fall in love with the motorcycle culture, and the functional and handsome motorcycle clothing have also become a fashion trend.