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Why are we different from many motorcycle shirt and jacket stores? 

Do we only sell motorcycle shirts with Sky Swallow brand?

We are a motorcycle shirt manufacturer from China. From the initial product concept and design to the procurement and production of all fabrics and accessories, we are accompanied by the birth of every motorcycle shirt. We love and respect the motorcycle shirt industry. It is our passion to produce motorcycle shirts with creative customers. Therefore, selling our own brand products is not our ultimate goal. Helping every motorcycle shirt brand realize their ideal products and producing motorcycle shirts that can truly protect and comfort riders is the direction we have been working hard for!

Below we will give you some reviews about motorcycle shirts questions that you may be curious about.

CE certification(CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE)is the only mark recognized by the EU market. And it is divided into A/AA/AAA grades according to the properties of the product (abrasion, tear strength, etc.), which represents the quality of the product. Sky Swallow’s motorcycle shirts (including protectors) have reached CE certification standards and have excellent quality.

How to maintain motorcycle shirts?

The use, cleaning and other processes will continuously consume the fabric function of motorcycle shirt, affecting the protective effect. Good washing and maintenance will help to prolong the service life of motorcycle shirts. To prevent you from feeling sorry for the expensive shirt you've just worn once or twice. 

Some suggestions about cleaning and maintenance for your reference as below:

Clean in time

Please clean it in time after each use. If it is used for a long time without cleaning, the residual sweat stains on the shirt will affect the shirt status.

Water temperature control

The recommended water temperature is 20-35 ℃. Too high water temperature will destroy the original fiber structure of shirt fabric, while too low temperature will not have the effect of disinfection.

Soft hand washing

Avoid shirt damage caused by high-power machine operation. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, you can add some detergent to wash them.

Inner side airing

The cleaned motorcycle shirt shall be dried on the inner side as far as possible, and the influence of long-term exposure on the shirt shell color shall be avoided.

Should we wear a motorcycle raincoat jacket for riding in rainy days?

Write in front: when riding in rainy days, please keep low speed to ensure safety! 

Of course, in rainy days, try not to ride. But if you really can't resist the temptation of your motorcycle and want to have a rain date with it, please bring your raincoat motorcycle jacket.

Many experienced riders know that the waterproof function of most motorcycle shirt is actually the function of DWR (Durable Water Resistance). It is achieved through the waterproof coating on the outer layer of the jacket and shirt. Of course, DWR has a certain waterproof function, but its waterproof ability is limited. When the motorcycle shirt and jacket are used for a long time or is attacked by super rain weather, the DWR coating on the shirt and jacket surface are easy to be damaged. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a professional motorcycle raincoat jacket in stormy weather.

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