What are the wholesale softshell jackets? 

Outdoor activities in autumn and winter often bring travelers a large amount of exercise and sweating. At this time, if they do not choose appropriate clothes, travelers will not be fully protected from the harm of nature and climate. Softshell is the best choice at this time.
Common wholesale softshell jackets are generally divided into two types: 2-in-1 Jacket and 3-in-1 Jacket. Between these two, 3-in-1 Jackets are more common and popular. Just like its name, the fabric of this kind of jacket is bonded by three materials. 

The outer layer is generally made of materials Nylon/Polyester with good Durable Water Repellent (water droplets can slide down from the fabric). Some softshell jacket will add spandex to make the fabric have some elasticity. 
Middle layer is TPU film or PU film. This layer of material determines the waterproof and breathability of the wholesale softshell jackets (Waterproof can reach more than 10000MM and breathability can reach 3000MM-8000MM). 
The inner layer could be fleece like micro fleece, grid fleece and tricot, mesh. This layer can play a certain role in keeping warm. 


Based on the above materials and their performance, the wholesale softshell jackets can help travelers freely participate in spring summer communication and autumn winter communication travel, such as mountaineering, cycling, field skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, etc.
At Sky Swallow (a leading outdoor and moto jackets wholesaler), you can choose from a variety of women's and men's wholesale jackets with rich styles and exquisite cutting. If you have a project to develop wholesale softshell jackets on hand, or need some advice about softshell, Sky Swallow can provide you with help and strength.


Differences between wholesale softshell jackets and other jackets

Compared with other wholesale jackets, such as Hard shell jacket, Fleece jacket, Winter jacket, softshell jacket wholesale has more comprehensive functions.

Wholesale softshell jackets are product designed to achieve movement convenience and comfort during outdoor activities. It is usually made of spandex fabric, and the outer spandex fabric treated with DWR to make the jacket water-resistant (but not suitable for heavy rain). Therefore, wholesale softshell jackets usually have relatively good breathability. In order to increase the warm performance of the soft shell jacket, usually the manufacturer will use fleece fabric as the inner layer and glue the two layers together.

Wholesale hard shell jackets often with hood, which is made of waterproof shells (such as PU or PTFE materials), which can achieve complete windproof and waterproof of jackets (even in rainstorm weather). This kind of fabric is very hard, so it does not have the same comfort and breathability as a softshell. Of course, hard shell jackets usually have only one layer.

Wholesale fleece jackets are also single-layer jacket, which mainly plays a role in keeping warm. The fleece jacket has good breathability, but it is not windproof and waterproof. The degree of warmth is determined by the weight (thickness) of fleece. The more common weights in the market are 100, 200 and 300. It can also add a little waterproof or windproof through film treatment

Soft shell jacket Hard shell jacket Fleece jacket

Water-resistant and breathability and windproof

Waterproof and windproof Breathability
No taped seams     Taped seams No taped seams 
Suitable for light rain or warmth Suitable for heavier rain Suitable for cold


Advantages of the wholesale softshell jackets

Waterproof / windproof

Most wholesale softshell jackets are waterproof to help travelers stay dry in mild to moderate humidity. During the rain, the rain will slide directly from the outermost waterproof (DWR) coating of the jacket and will not soak into the interior of the jacket. At the same time, the smooth fabric on the surface of the soft shell jacket will also block part of the wind.


Because the fabric contains TPU film or PU film, the jacket can show excellent breathability. This can help travelers get rid of water vapor and keep dry at any time even if they sweat during strenuous activities.


The flexibility of the wholesale softshell jackets can help travelers move quickly and easily in outdoor sports. Unlike bulky and hard fabrics, spandex soft shell jackets will be welcomed and loved by outdoor travelers.

Keep warm

The warmth preservation degree of wholesale soft shell jacket depends on the thickness of the jacket. Many soft shell jackets will choose to bonded fleece, so that the jacket has the character of the warmth, softness, windproof and rain resistance at the same time.

Features of SKY SWALLOW wholesale softshell jackets

Factory introduction

We have had three long-term cooperative factories for outdoor clothing and Motorcycle shirts since 2001.

250 people 10 lines

MOQ: 300pcs per style

Located in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province

Sample lead time: 7days after full material is ready.

Bulk production lead time: 45-60 days after full materials are ready

Certificate: BSCI/OEKO-TEX/SGS

1. Rich choices

Sky Swallow is an experienced manufacturer of customized wholesale softshell jackets with high-quality products. Whether the composition, color, quality and brand of fabrics and accessories, or the design, technology and technology of garment, Sky Swallow can better meet your needs and preferences, provide you with professional advice and a variety of choices, and ensure that you get a satisfactory one.

Different fabrics

The fabric composition determines the appearance, function and feel of the wholesale softshell jackets. According to your needs, Sky Swallow will provide polyester, nylon, spandex and other fabrics as well as fleece bonded by PU / TPU film, also can with the DWR.

Common fabrics are:
92% polyester 8% spandex laminated grid fleece
92% Nylon 8% spandex laminated TPU film bonded Fleece
100% Twill Polyester laminated PU bonded Fleece   


Different styles

You can put forward any idea about design and style. Our wholesale softshell jackets accept all designs (under the condition that technology can realize), such as hood, zipper, button, pockets of different shapes, adjustable Velcro, reflective printing, armband, etc.


Different sizes

Our wholesale softshell jackets are also available in a variety of sizes, from XS to 6XL and any size in between (according to the size chart you provide). This means that we not only customize men's jackets, but also customize suitable outdoor jackets for women and children of all sizes.


Different colors

Sky Swallow offers wholesale softshell jackets in a variety of colors. But as outdoor jackets, we prefer black, Navy, khaki, brown, army green, gray and other colors

2. Good quality control

As a leading manufacturer of wholesale softshell jackets, Sky Swallow firmly believes that only good quality control can provide customers with the best products and win-win with customers. Therefore, whether it is the procurement process of materials or the production process of bulk goods, we are tracked and inspected by a professional QC team. And we will timely provide you with prenatal samples for confirmation and testing, so that you can truly feel the quality of the product.

3. Communication anytime, anywhere

We have a professional customer service team to communicate with you one-on-one (from idea to product realization). Our staff have solid professional clothing knowledge and can provide professional services for you throughout the process. In the whole production process, we will also communicate with you about the production progress through pictures or videos in time.