Share our happiness to every our friends:


China will gradually open up under the epidemic situation! Zhejiang Province and some other regions will relax their policies from today on!

No more too many policy restrictions!

No more long-term containment!

No more orders that cannot confirm the delivery date!


This is undoubtedly a day worth celebrating our ancestors. In the past three years, the cooperation and orders between us and our friends have occasionally been affected by the epidemic. Factory closure, logistics delay, worker closure... 

We are sorry that we cannot provide you with 100% help under the influence of these force majeure. 

At the same time, thank our friends for their understanding and patience! It is your trust that makes Sky Swallow continue to grow in these three difficult years! We will always be grateful!

Maybe there are still unknown challenges waiting for us, but we always believe that everything will be better! Whether it is virus or consumer market! We will continue to do our best to help you. The development of the new quarter is coming. Now you can feel free to contact us and let us join your new product development team. 

It's time!


If you are a new friend and have just browsed the website page of Sky Swallow, you might as well spend a few more minutes to look at our company introduction and product pages such as TACTICAL CLOTHING/OUTDOOR CLOTHING/MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING. Perhaps these few minutes can bring you new reliable partners and products that can surprise the market. 

Of course, if you have any interest or question, please feel free to find us through the website/email/social media and other convenient ways, and we will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

More attempts, more opportunities. Come on!