High-quality products are a necessary prerequisite for sellers to acquire consumer support and appreciable sales results. This fact is true in every business, most especially in the clothing industry. 

For you to garner impeccable success in the clothing industry, a great seller-manufacturer relationship is essential. A complete business chain will be nonexistent without these two entities. Because of this, clothing manufacturers are deemed as vital components in the entire supply chain since they're the ones who provide you with quality products firsthand. This reason alone prompts the need to make perfect business transactions - transactions that normally require a collaborative relationship made possible by joint efforts of both people. 

The matter-of-fact is simple: a successful relationship with clothing manufacturers immediately secures your chance of trade and business growth. However, how would you start doing so?

This article will recount a detailed step-by-step guide regarding how you can efficiently choose a suitable clothing manufacturer for your business while forging a prosperous relationship with them.


1. Find a Manufacturer

You can typically find a manufacturer through product positioning since it's the most efficient way to guarantee their professionalism. From here alone, you can gauge whether the manufacturer's main products are in line with yours or if they present enough potential to provide you with high-quality services and products. Otherwise, you can seek capable manufacturers whose products are highly compatible with what you offer and whose abilities are well within your range to ensure a cooperative and smoother negotiation process. 

There are also plenty of ways for you to search for manufacturers. For one, the Canton Fair provides you with a more intuitive advantage because it allows you to see the manufacturer's products and communicate with them directly. This makes contact and selection more efficient to a particular extent. The other option is to utilize the Internet. With automatic screening functions and a broader range of choices, you can easily find up-to-par manufacturers simply through keyword search. Afterwards, you can simply initiate conversation and exchange proposals further online.


2. Understand what you want from the manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer isn't enough to get you started - you must also understand their current disposition and what you need from them by checking if their capabilities can meet your standards. This alone helps you determine if there is a possibility for cooperation.

To do this, you may opt to prepare a list of questions beforehand. Since you generally need to meet with many manufacturers, having a list of questions helps streamline the process while establishing clear communication goals.

In this regard, here are some worthy considerations you might want to centre your questions on:

•    Main products

It's necessary to understand what type of product your manufacturer offers. Having a common product knowledge indicates if there is a potential for the same direction of developmental goals.

•    Product Quality

Clarify your products' quality positioning and establish standards accordingly. These can range from penetrability, tear strength, moisture, abrasion, windproof, or waterproof requirements. Choose manufacturers who consistently meet your established standards.

•    History

Information like the manufacturer's customer evaluation can aid you in evaluating their level of ability and their quality of services.

•    Price

Price is among the most important considerations to take. Before going into communication, you must first have an expected price range. This is important because high prices may not be beneficial for the long term, while extremely low prices merit more caution on your part. You must make sure that the price accounts for their products' quality.


3. Perform an on-site inspection

When all goes well, and you've found yourself a qualified manufacturer, the next step to undertake is to check their factory personally. You can learn about the manufacturer's purchasing, development, supply, and proofing abilities by on-site inspections alone. Even so, this is a process that still needs your utmost scrutiny. You have to continue evaluating and ticking your mental checkbox whether the manufacturer has been consistently adhering to your set of standards. Careful observation of such matters helps determine how the manufacturer will likely cooperate with you in the future. Most often, positive results to all your established expectations indicate a good starting relationship with the manufacturer.


4. Begin Proofing

If you're already satisfied with the ample information you've collected from your manufacturer, you can proceed to the next step. Proofing happens when the manufacturer presents you with the real product since it allows you to fully understand what the manufacturer is capable of providing you. 

Depending on your discretion, you might also prefer to get samples that meet your own requirements. However, you will need to be equally prepared and ready for such a process. Once you finally get a sample that meets or exceeds your expectations, rest assured that you've found a manufacturer you're likely to build a fruitful relationship with for the years to come.

Why work with Sky Swallow?

Sky Swallow has been an active player in the field of mid-to-high-end outdoor clothing for almost two decades now. Being a comprehensive manufacturer, our core values align with constantly adhering to the tenets of professionalism, integrity, and quality service. 

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With our complete set of procurement system, proofing system, independent documentary system, and quality inspection system, we always ensure to meet customer requirements by keeping in touch with them to exchange ideas, thoughts, and further recommendations. Moreover, we also make it a point to facilitate independent completion of surface material procurement and Proofing. Sky Swallow can also assist in grasping the quality of your goods and maximize production efficiency throughout the entire process.

We are a company that's always open to avenues to improve and grow. If you're searching for a manufacturer that is both engaged and passionate about outdoor clothing, you're free to reach out to us any time. We will make sure to be responsive and heed your concerns for goal-directed and collaborative development.