Knit fabrics, with their unique stretch and comfort, are a staple in the world of fashion and functional clothing. At Sky Swallow, a leader in tactical, outdoor, and motorcycle textile clothing, we often work with knit fabrics to create garments that are not only stylish but also highly functional. In this blog, we'll explore the art of sewing with knit fabrics and delve into the intriguing question of whether knitted fabrics can be made waterproof - a crucial consideration in our product development process.


Sewing with Knit Fabrics: Tips and Techniques

Knit fabrics are known for their stretchiness, which can be both an advantage and a challenge when sewing. Here are some key tips to master sewing with these fabrics:

Use the Right Needle

Ballpoint or Stretch Needles:

These needles have a rounded tip that slides between the fabric threads instead of piercing them, preventing damage to the fabric.

Choose the Correct Stitch

Stretch Stitches:

Use a small zigzag stitch or a special stretch stitch if your machine has one. These stitches allow the seam to stretch with the fabric.

Serger for Professional Finish:

A serger is ideal for sewing knit fabrics as it cuts, sews, and finishes seams in one step, providing a professional look and ensuring durability.

Stabilize the Fabric

Use Stabilizers:

To prevent stretching out of shape while sewing, use a stabilizer like lightweight interfacing or tissue paper.

Avoid Stretching:

Be careful not to stretch the fabric as you sew. Let the feed dogs move the fabric through the machine.


Can Knit Fabrics be Waterproof?

In the realm of tactical and outdoor clothing, the question of waterproofing knit fabrics is of paramount importance. Here's what we at Sky Swallow consider:

Waterproof Coatings

Applying a Waterproof Layer:

Waterproof coatings like TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) can be laminated onto knit fabrics to make them waterproof. This process involves bonding a thin film to the fabric, providing water resistance while maintaining some level of breathability.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Densely Knitted Fabrics:

Starting with a densely knitted fabric can aid in waterproofing, as there are fewer gaps in the fabric for water to penetrate.


Sky Swallow’s Approach

At Sky Swallow, we carefully select knit fabrics that can be effectively waterproofed without compromising on comfort and flexibility. Our product development team works tirelessly to balance these factors, ensuring that our tactical and outdoor knit garments provide the best protection against the elements.



Sewing with knit fabrics requires a blend of skill, the right tools, and an understanding of the fabric’s nature. And when it comes to making knit fabrics waterproof, it's about innovatively combining fabric selection and technological advancements in fabric coatings. At Sky Swallow, we are committed to exploring these possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what knit fabrics can achieve in the tactical and outdoor apparel industry.

Whether it’s creating comfortable, stretchable garments or engineering fabrics that withstand harsh weather conditions, our journey with knit fabrics is about innovation, quality, and meeting the diverse needs of our customers.


At present, Skyswallow's products on knitted fabrics mainly include outdoor T-shirts and motorcycle shirts. Sky Swallow's use of knit fabrics in outdoor T-shirts and motorcycle shirts demonstrates our commitment to combining comfort, functionality, and safety. By leveraging the unique properties of knit fabrics and incorporating innovative fabric technologies, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, performance, and style.