1.Prepare in advance

In recent years, camping has become a more avant-garde outdoor activity, which is sought after by young people. But for many novices, what needs to be paid attention to is not camping equipment, but some consciousness and knowledge.

First, at the beginning of your plan, you need to consider the weather and try to avoid rainy days or uncertain seasons to make your journey safer. If you accidentally encounter bad weather during camping, you need to take preventive measures and psychological preparation. For example, in thunderstorm days, the camp needs to be far away from valleys, rivers and mountains, and dig drainage ditches to prevent damage from floods and lightning.


2.Beware of wild animals

Wild animals are one of the threats of camping. Nature is also the home of other animals. Too much entry and disturbance may disturb them. Therefore, pay attention to the following points to avoid beast attack:

·Food is kept in sealed storage. In the jungle, the smell of food is easy to attract wild animals, and the sealed packaging can inhibit the spread of taste to a certain extent;

·Carry a knife and flashlight with you. Even at night, wild animals can help resist or escape;

·Close the tent door. There are many creatures in the wild. Closing the tent door at any time can effectively prevent the entry and interference of poisonous snakes and insects;

·Use fire with caution. Using fire in the jungle not only has a certain fire risk, but also may attract wild animals.


1. Preheating in advance

The purpose of preheating in advance is not only to enhance your physical fitness, adjust your state, and create a good physical reserve in the face of a formal hiking trip, but also to understand your physical limit and physical condition through early preparation, including hiking rhythm, distance and footwork, so as to formulate or choose a suitable hiking scheme.
The common physical preheating methods include swimming, mountain climbing, long-distance running, cycling and so on; The common ways to warm up strength are push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and so on. Warm up before exercise is very important!


2. Enjoy the journey

Outdoor hiking is not only a self-discipline to strengthen the body, but also a soul journey to enjoy nature. Therefore, don't just walk with your head down and miss the surrounding scenery. Ensure the smooth and safe completion of the whole hiking journey with appropriate speed (which can maintain the speed of walking all day and keep the uniform speed as far as possible), comfortable footwork (which can make effective use of physical strength) and scientific rest (according to your own situation).

Please note that the rest of long-distance hiking is generally a combination of long and short, short and short. Generally, the short rest on the way shall be controlled within 5 minutes as far as possible. The equipment shall not be unloaded. The rest shall be mainly standing and breathing shall be adjusted. 

Take a long rest every 60-90 minutes, and the rest time is 15-20 minutes. After a long rest, you should remove all the weight-bearing equipment such as your backpack, stand and adjust your breathing for 2-3 minutes before you can sit down. Don't sit down and rest or lie still as soon as you stop, which will increase the burden on your heart. At rest, you can also take some food that can be converted into energy immediately, so that your body can be supplemented in time to recover your strength faster.


3. Safety consciousness

Especially for long-distance hiking, safety should not be ignored. It is the first thing to prepare all safety equipment. In the process of walking, pay attention to obvious signs at any time, such as recognizable mountains and rivers. In this way, even if you get lost, you can judge the direction through these natural signs. Don't forget to bring a watch to help you have a general understanding and concept of time, distance and current speed.

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