How to make wholesale quilted jackets?

Quilted jacket wholesale refers to a jacket made by sewing fabric with needles and fixing filled cotton lining. The main feature of quilted puffer jacket is to sew the inner and outer layers of the fabric fixedly through different sewing patterns, such as diamond grid, box or gourd. The quilted jacket can be the product thicker, warmer and more beautiful than the classic jacket. We marvel at the quilting technology that makes an ordinary down jacket change the monotony of the original plane and become so vivid and steric.


What common quilted jacket styles like? How to match the quilted jacket?

Outdoor quilted vest

In order not to hinder the movement, manufacturer often uses Polyester for the outer layer of this kind of quilted puffer jacket, which has a certain degree of waterproof ability, and is light and dirt resistant. The collar and cuffs will be wrapped with elastic piping, which will be more comfortable to the body.

Patch quilted jacket

In order to innovate on classic styles and meet more functions, manufacturers usually choose to patch quilted fabrics with other fabrics such as corduroy and more.

Printed/embroidered quilted jacket

Compared with the classic style, the quilted jackets are constantly given new vitality by a number of fashion private label clothing, which are also popular with young people today. The unique quilting and beautiful brand printing or embroidery show the new quilted jacket attitude to the market.

Down quilted jacket

Unlike light quilted jackets, actually manufacturer adds quilted shapes of this kind of jacket on the basis of down jackets, making down jackets less bloated and more fashionable. It is also divided into box-quick down puffer coat, packaged quick puffer jack and crap quick jack...


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