What's the difference between a raincoat and a waterproof jacket?

In summary, it can be understood that waterproof jackets can provide the highest level of rain and snow protection, while raincoats provide good but relatively simple protection. You can also learn more about waterproofing and DWR from our waterproof outdoor fabric page.

Why choose Sky Swallow as your raincoat manufacturer?

The raincoat is one of the necessary items in your outdoor bag. Sometimes the weather will make a little joke for you. The raincoat you carry with you can guarantee your life. That's why Sky Swallow hopes to help you create beautiful and high-quality raincoats as a good manufacturer in China. A good raincoat is definitely a good helper for outdoor people to complete their adventures.


Freedom of design

Sky Swallow as your rain jacket manufacturer organizes all your design requirements and can also provide professional advice. The following are our common design styles can for you reference.


Breathable waterproof jacket supply

As mentioned above, there is a clear difference between a raincoat and a waterproof jacket in terms of breathability. If what you need is not a simple rainproof jacket, but a jacket with rich functions that can always accompany you on the journey, a waterproof jacket with good breathability can do it. You can also learn more from our waterproof jacket page.

Ultralight raincoat supply

If you just need a raincoat, it can protect your dryness in outdoor rainy days. Our ultralight manufacturered raincoats will be a good choice. To tell the truth, raincoats are not suitable for all day long. After the storm stops, they will be put away, so there is no need to let their weight affect your speed.

Packable raincoat supply

They are light (around 280g for jackets, 160g for jackets) and have special storage bags. You no longer need to waste the space of your outdoor bag because of them. You can easily fix its outer bag rope outside the outdoor bag. In this way, you will have more space to store other outdoor equipment.

Fashion raincoat supply

I know you hate a dull and ugly raincoat. Although it can help, it would be better if it could look better. Sky Swallow factory has raincoats of various colors and styles, and we can customize raincoats according to your design and specifications! Bright colors, reflective logos, seam pockets with different shapes, and openings in different ways, these fashionable details will upgrade your raincoat.


Small order quantity

Our minimum order quantity is based on the actual fabric and material consumption of the product. Usually the MOQ is 500 pieces or less per color.


Production of high-quality raincoats

We have a professional and experienced quality inspection team for each order to supervise the production in the factory. Before shipment, the products will be inspected, and we will issue an inspection report for your reference.


Timely and easy communication

Most of our employees of company and factory have more than 10 years of experience in the garment industry and foreign trade industry, and each order has a dedicated service staff to help you solve problems in a timely manner. In the production of wholesale bulk goods, we will also synchronously let you know the real production situation.