Hi, all brand clothing designers. Do you have any new product projects that you are preparing to develop? Have you finished the design work, but are you still confused about the start of the project due to lack of procurement experience? You need a professional sourcing and production team to help you! Sky Swallow, a clothing supplier from China, is here!


Fabric sourcing may become the first problem for you to carry out production work, because fabric is the soul of the whole jacket The fabric of the clothing will determine the nature and function of it. Just like thin fabrics are suitable for spring and summer, thick fabrics are suitable for autumn and winter; Waterproof fabrics are suitable for raincoats, fleece fabrics are suitable for warm clothing, and wear-resistant fabrics are suitable for motorcycle jackets.... However, the source of fabrics is not as simple as expected, because there are too many types and styles of fabrics that no one can fully understand very well. Even if you are a garment practitioner with very rich design experience, your understanding of fabrics is still limited. If you want to find the right fabric as soon as possible, the help of a professional team is essential.

Information on fabrics sourcing and production steps

1.You provide technical package and fabric requirements

When you are clear about your new product design, please make a complete clothing technology package so that your suppliers can understand your products more clearly. (Please refer to the article for the basic elements of the technical package ) And please actively discuss with your supplier, inform your fabric sourcer of all your expectations for the fabric, and we will serve you.


2.We recommend suitable fabric swatches

After receiving your fabric demand, we will provide you with professional advice. Some requirements, such as high waterproof and breathability, cannot be achieved at the same time. We will use our rich experience and fabric knowledge to serve you, and find and select the right fabric for you to choose.


3.You confirm the quality and color of the fabric swatches

After preliminary screening out some suitable fabrics, we will send you fabric swatches for your confirmation and selection. Generally, fabric samples are divided into quality samples and color samples. As the name says, they are used to show you the quality and color of fabrics. Because the fabric processing cost is too high, if it is not a common color, we usually provide these two samples separately.


4.Confirm other clothing and material details

After reconfirming the fabric used, as a clothing manufacturer, we will continue to discuss and confirm with you the quality and size of other clothing raw materials for clothing business (such as zippers, velcro, labels, etc.), as well as design details (such as the way to open pockets and adjust cuffs).


5.We order small quantities of fabric for proofing

After confirming all the details, we can start to make the first sample. Our sourcing department will purchase a small batch of fabrics just for proofing preparation. In this way, even if you think this fabric is not suitable for the finished product after receiving the sample, you can replace it in time.

Sky Swallow is willing to provide you with first sample help for free!

6.You receive and confirm the 1st sample

After you receive the first sample, you should not only confirm whether the fabric is suitable for the garment, but also confirm all the details and process of the cloth. Because if nothing unexpected happens, it will be put into the market as your work, facing all consumers.


7.Discuss and modify the details of sample

If you are not satisfied with anything in the process of sample confirmation, please do not save your feedback. Communicate with your suppliers in detail to confirm the final product. If there are many things that need to be modified, please decide whether to re-proofing for reference.


8.We order bulk fabrics for bulk production

Everything is ready, we confirm the order quantity and purchase the fabric of bulk goods. Of course, in this process, our sourcing department will also do a good job in testing the fabric to ensure that the fabric quality and color of the bulk goods are consistent with the fabric you confirmed. (Of course, every dyeing and processing has less gap, but we will strictly control this gap and simultaneously give you confirmation.)


9.You have received the bulk shipment

The tested bulk fabrics will be put into bulk production, and the finished products will be shipped to your port.

Become your reliable clothes and fabric manufacturer!

Sky Swallow is a clothing manufacturer with an independent purchasing department. In addition to the production of clothing, we will also provide the whole process of raw materials for clothing business procurement services. As long as you have completed the design, rest assured to us! We will complete the procurement and production of all raw materials for clothing business including fabrics according to your needs and technical package instructions. If you want to know more details about fabric sourcing on clothing line, please go here view more.