When it comes to outdoor apparel that combines function, quality, and style, Sky Swallow and The North Face are brands that many turn to. But when push comes to shove (or stitch comes to stitch), how do they differ? Allow me to delineate the nuances that set these two giants apart.


Sky Swallow Profile

Sky Swallow as a comprehensive manufacturer and exporter from China, Sky Swallow has been active in the field of medium and high-grade outdoor clothing since 2001, and has gradually strengthened the exploration and practice of motorcycle clothing. We are not only proud of the 20 years of experience and the strict waterproof standards set by German technology, but also proud of the professional QC system, which consists of specially trained employees to inspect each product separately before shipment.
The company is committed to integrity, professionalism and high-quality service, and always pursues advanced technology to keep up with market trends and customer needs. In the field of high-end outdoor clothing, we develop with professional technology and strong enthusiasm. Outdoor clothing and motorcycle riding clothes are our main products.


The North Face Profile

The North Face is an American brand focusing on professional outdoor equipment. As the world's leading outdoor sports brand, The North Face helps the world explore and challenge the limits of human potential with products that have been tested and explored by athletes and meet various outdoor needs; At the same time, the brand is always committed to protecting the outdoor environment and minimizing the impact of human beings on the natural environment through various sustainable development projects.


·Market Positioning

The North Face is retailer. The customers are original buyers, providing services for all individual buyers in the market. The North Face products are not only sold in high-quality professional sports retail stores around the world, but also opened a large number of brand physical stores.

Sky Swallow is a manufacturer. The customers are large retailers. We have a perfect production system and work directly with large retailers to be responsible for the manufacturing and supply of goods, not directly facing end buyers.


·Product Concept

The different market positioning of the two brands determines their different product concepts.

The North Face

Products are based on professional control and market observation. Product designers usually balance and integrate between meeting professional functions and catering to market aesthetics, and produce products recognized and determined by the North itself. The consumer group can only decide whether to pay for the product after it appears.

Sky Swallow

Products are based on the wishes of buyers. Product design can add professional functions to the design draft provided by customers to meet the clothing functions that customers want to achieve, or create realistic products according to customers' ideas. In general, we take the wishes of customers as the first element, realize the realization of ideas for customers through our professional reserves and capabilities, and produce the products customers want to meet their needs.


·Development Direction 

Similarly, as a high-end outdoor brand, The North Face and Sky Swallow started their development with professional outdoor clothing, and are committed to providing professional clothing for every harsh exploration of outdoor athletes and lovers.

The North Face

Outdoor elements and fashion elements are continuously integrated in the development. In addition to developing professional outdoor products, The North Face has cooperated with major brands across the border and has become a popular brand representative in the current consumer market.

Sky Swallow

In addition to the in-depth development of outdoor clothing, Sky Swallow began to explore the field of motorcycle clothing, gained experience in the production of motorcycle jackets and raincoats, and conducted long-term cooperation with some motorcycle suppliers and distributors.

1.    Lower cost. Compared with well-known brands, our quality is similar, but the cost is relatively lower.
2.    The product is more flexible. We provide technology and experience, you provide ideas and goals, and we can create unique and personalized products together.
3.    Greater potential. Now we begin to set foot in clothing in different professional fields, so our technology, knowledge and ability are more sufficient. No matter what kind of personalized products you need, we can help.


Here are 7 reasons to choose Sky Swallow

● More than 20 years of experience in the field of custom hign-end clothing
● Own a large garment factory and warehouse with more than 200 workers, which is enough to support large enough production capacity and accept a large number of orders
● A professional design team can provide you with free design suggestions and solutions
● Independent purchasing department, responsible for purchasing from fabrics to various accessories
● Comply with international quality standards and obtain various international certifications
● The price is more competitive, and under the corresponding quality, we can produce clothes for you at a more appropriate cost
● After-sales guarantee, reply emails within 24 hours to ensure punctual delivery.


Concluding Thoughts

Sky Swallow offers a compelling proposition for businesses seeking customizable, high-quality tactical and outdoor gear at competitive prices. The North Face, on the other hand, is a consumer brand with global recognition, known for its high-end outdoor apparel.

The choice, as they say, is yours to make. Need more reasons to partner with Sky Swallow? WhatsApp us at +8618268507468 or let your email find its way to us.